Dr. Cherry Torn conducts medical research experiments on the physical and emotional effects of pain and humiliation on the male specimen. Dr. Torn takes a twisted interest in subject #214 (Sean Spurt), who has a particularly intriguing reaction to the doctor’s sexy and sadistic techniques. Throughout the course of the six-month experiment, 214 develops an attachment to his pretty and commanding doctor as well as affection for her. During the time that 214 is slapped, clamped and electrocuted in bondage, his knob oozes with a remarkable amount of precum. He reluctantly entertains her fascination with the humiliating effects of feminization, including full transformation, a “pelvic exam” with an anal speculum and some hard strap-on anal fucking. Dr. Torn pushes subject #214 to the restrictions of his ability to withstand humiliation, testing his reactions to the unwanted bi-sexual acts of blow jobs and jism drinking in advance of binding him to the bed and cuckolding him with her sexy and hung colleague, Dr. Wolf Hudson.