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Here we go you little perv start stroking that tiny dick of yours!  Try some double handed techniques and build up that massive fucken load!  We have

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Every time I see that little cock of yours I wonder how I ended up married to such a pathetic loser. I go to bed unsatisfied every night because that

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All my girlfriends are busy today so I figured I'd bring YOU, my little submissive boy toy over to have some fun.  I'm going to dress you up

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So you think you know how to pleasure a woman? Think again! What you need is a big fat cock pounding you nice and hard so you can actually feel what i

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First thing you should do is smell our socks!  We'll tease you a bit, spread our toes in them and see just how badly you want to see what's

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Look at these tits while I shake them right in your face.  You want to slide your dick in between them so bad!  I can tell by that bulge in your pants

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Haha look at how fat you are!  How did you even get into this room being how big you are?  You're absolutely disgusting and repulsive to look at.

tags: absolutely ass being big 

Oh my gosh look at you!  You're pathetic and completely pathetic.  You have so many rolls of fat just hanging off of you.  When is the last time

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I know you came not only to play with me, but to play with my amazing size 8 feet today.  You have a foot fetish and you simply can't take your e

tags: amazing dick feet fetish 

Look at you staring back up at me. Do you like what you see from down there? How does the bottom of my foot look? That's what you are about to ge

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I've been looking you for because I have a special surprise for you today!  I am going to like it a little more but let's get going.  I can&

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So you think you can go around and hit on me and my girlfriends and that it wouldn't get back to me?  The only thing you're going to get fro

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What did you think we were going to do, just help you stroke your cock while we sit back and turn you on?  We'll do it but you WILL pay the price

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What are you staring at?  Do you like our feet?  Haha we think you do!  You can't seem to take your eyes off of them and we don't really bla

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I don't know if all you foot fetish freaks will be able to handle this.  Four pairs of sexy feet and 40 toes right in front of your face ready to

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Don't even try to deny how we just caught you trying to smell out panties and stockings. How did you even get in here, this is supposed to be gir

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I'm just going to sit here, lay back and kick you in your fucking balls.  You're going to love every minute of it as I kick my foot into you

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Lady Bell is sound asleep with her long soles and size 10 feet dangling off the bed.  Cherry sneaks in and completely soaks her soles!  Lady wakes up

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So you like a little ballbusting do you?  It turns you on getting kicked in the balls over and over again.  You little perv!  Stand up straight and br

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So you think I'm hear to help you jerk off don't you?   I'll help you stroke your cock and bring you to a mind-blowing orgasm if you pr

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We see you looking at us and our hot tits.  Yea we know you're getting turned on and we see you reaching into your pants to start to stroke your

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I know that you have a foot fetish and love smelling girls' feet and sucking on their toes.  I would rub my feet all over your face and then all

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Yea you know you get hard for feet, especially my soft, sexy size 8's.  You want to suck my toes and jerk off to them don't you?  Take out y

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Princess Anna knows you love bitchy, bratty girls like herself and asks if you're ready to stroke it for her.  She demands that you take your dic

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You know what? I think I like you more now than you have been shrunk. Now you had better watch out down there or you might be squished by these big hi

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Here we are again!  We're back to tease you and your dick again but this time we are topless.  We know what our sexy body and big tits do to you.

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I'll turn around and show you my perfect, toned ass while you keep stroking that dick up and down faster and faster for me. How good does it feel

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I know you like looking at me but what I think you really like is cock.  And you love it in your mouth!  How about I take that pathetic face of yours

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That's right we know all about your sock fetish and how you like to sneak into girl's dressers and smell their stinky socks beating off to t

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Look at my size 7 feet and how much you so desperately want them. I can spread them very wide and have you lick in between all of them. How about you

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You have been one bad little man so I think we are going to dress you up like and girl and take you out in public. We are going to walk you like a dog

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There is nothing more humiliating than getting kicked in the balls and brought to your knees by a hot woman like me.  Not only that but I LOVE ballbus

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The good news for you is that we all LOVE busting balls and we heard you like it.  What does it for you?  Let's find out- spread those legs and b

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You know you've always wanted to see me naked.  Well here I am on your bed.  You can't take your eyes off me can you?  Haha you love my tits

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Look who we let out of chastity!  Since we've had you locked up for so long we decided to let you out but we're going to make you lick the c

tags: bitch chastity clean cum 

I am really fucking horny tonight. Are you pretty horny too? Well that's too fucking bad for you because I am going to make you sit on your hands

tags: bad big boyfriend cum 

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Well it looks like it's your lucky day!  You get to worship two hot dominant goddesses by pampering our feet.  We have very differently shaped fe

tags: between bitch day dominant 

Trust us you'll like it!  We know you've always wanted to feel a cock inside your mouth and inside other parts of your body haha.  All you h

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It's nice to see you again wanker boy!  Take out that dick for me while you admire my perfect body and get nice and hard.  Yea you love playing w

tags: about again bad balls 

I have a dare for you!  You said you'd do anything anyone dare's you to do.  Well it's pretty simple.  Take this pink chastity device a

tags: chastity cock come face 

Sadie is mad that she couldn't find any shoes when she went out shopping today but it's a good thing her best friend Lady Bell is there with

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Aww poor guy what's the matter?  Is your cock all locked up and stuffed tightly in it's cage where it belongs?  Haha well good because that&

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Look at my soft, amazing feet.  I can tell your cock is trying to burst through the seems of your pants by looking at them so take it out already!  I&

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Yea you know you've always thought about sucking dick and how amazing it would be.  I'm here to tell you today slave that you WILL suck dick

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You know you can't resist our PERFECT size 10 feet.  What do you like most about them?  Our soft creamy soles or our long suckable toes?  I bet y

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Go ahead loser and unzip those pants of yours.  I want to see your cock get all hard for me.  You know how sexy I like in any outfit!  Start stroking

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ou are here to worship my feet.  Most guys like when I wear high heels because it shows off my long, sexy legs and perfect tight ass but you are more

tags: ashley ass cum dick 

You crossed the line and really pissed me off this time!  I think it's time to teach you a lesson and put you into a scissorhold.  Good luck gett

tags: beg being dominated getting 

Your balls are dangling there just begging to be kicked by me!  Look at your pathetic balls and just imagine how much pain you'll be in when I ki

tags: balls begging even floor 

How about we put a nice purple dress on you with some super sexy high heels!  You'd look so pretty right from the start.  We'll teach you ho

tags: about bitch dress heels 

Ayanna feels like having her feet worshiped and toes sucked on this amazing afternoon.  She has Leyla sit at the head of bed while she just sticks her

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Imagine being able to serve two goddesses like us?  We'll make yoy our foot bitch in no time.  You'd be on your knees in a second begging to

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Aww what's wrong?  We think you'll love the taste of dick in your mouth.  You've always fantasized about it and keep telling us about h

tags: about air always both 

You’re never going to get hard and if you want to, then it’s going to hurt.  Your cock will be pushing against the walls of it’s prison pinching

tags: against balls being break 

What’s that down there? It’s a little man! I’ve always wanted my own little man to play around with, but I hope you last longer than my other pe

tags: always beautiful blonde crushing 

Look at you down there, so tiny and fragile. I bet i could squash you like a little bug with just the stomp of my foot. You are going to be nothing bu

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Take your dick out of your pants and stroke it for my sexy body and huge tits!  I know you're hard just looking at me and how dominant I can be.

tags: about bad beating bitch 

I have been watching you lately.  You're always checking out my sexy, naked body and jerking off to me.  I don't blame you I mean look at my

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Natalie Laine is a dominant woman and is looking for a new, pathetic little slave.  The last one she had wasn't any good and she is looking for s

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Catherine is found laying on the bed with her feet ready for some worshiping!   Piper knows she	has a foot fetish and what better way to get started t

tags: bed better cute face 

I'm going to make you my little slave bitch!  You will suck my toes on command no matter where we are.  You are going to give me your wallet and

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You want to fuck me don't you?  If I were you I'd want to fuck me too but have you looked in the mirror lately?   Your cock is SO not big or

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You're going to spread your legs with your balls hanging down low for her and she is going to kick you as hard as she can right in your fucking b

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I think you would look pretty darn cute all dressed up like a girl and tied down on the bed with your ass in the air. How about if we invited over som

tags: about air ass bed 

What are you doing out here by the tennis courts jerking off in public?  Are you looking at all the hot girls running by and stroking that dick?  I am

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Catherine and Nicole are at the mercy of her roommate and are laying at the bed staring right at Luna's feet.  Catherine has her left foot in her

tags: amazing bed both even 

Sadie is sound asleep on the bed with her sexy size 10 feet and soft, wrinkly soles exposed.  Lady Bell enters the room and she is in foot fetish heav

tags: bed boyfriend come doing 

Shilo is as dominant as they come.  The blonde bombshell is extremely unhappy with her friend Lorianna.  She's been looking for her all day becau

tags: bed been blonde bombshell 

Annabelle and Dre Hazel are getting ready to go to the beach but Annabelle is clearly distracted by Dre's size 7 FEET.  She loves her colorful pi

tags: action beach bikini clean 

That's right you little foot bitch!  We want you on your hands and knees to crawl over here and lick our soles clean.  Look at how sexy our feet

tags: ashley begging better bitch 

I'm going to lock your dick up in chastity so you can't use it.   I'm going to lock you up and keep the key and keep you in there for 3

tags: about ashley chastity control 

The foot worship action continues with Lorianna going wild on Shilo's sexy peds!  She can't seem to stop licking and sucking on her wrinkly,

tags: absolutely action amazing beautiful 

Blonde bombshell Shiloh is resting on the bed with her feet and toes dangling off the edge when Lorianna walks in. She can't help but notice her

tags: again bed begging between 


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